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Limo Jax BKCK Car Services
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Limo Jax BKCK Car Services

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The Premier Executive Transportation Service in Jacksonville, FL

Our executive transportation service provides Jacksonville, FL, corporate professionals with meticulously maintained town cars, buses, and limousines. We guarantee immaculate late-model vehicles that boast all the conveniences you’d expect of a luxury car.

Tailored Travel

Our executive car service is prepared to anticipate your needs and cater to your schedule. All our vehicles come equipped with the latest in transportation technology to allow you to conduct seamless business meetings, transactions, and negotiations at every step of your journey.

Dependable Drivers

Limo Jax BKCK Car Services is committed to premier transportation services with best-in-class drivers who put safety, discretion, and respect above all else. Highly-trained professionals are prepared to pick you up and drop you off with unerring punctuality and consideration for your schedule. Our executive transportation services consistently supply the professionalism our corporate clients have come to expect.

First-Class Fleet

Choose from our exceptional line-up of luxury vehicles to get you to your destination. We're ready to make the arrangements, whether you require a private car to travel from your office to the airport or a state-of-the-art bus to transport your office to an event.  

Executive Vans

Thanks to smartphones, laptops, and tablets, it is easier to maintain contact and stay productive wherever and whenever we go. To ensure you and your other executives have the space necessary to keep active while traveling, we recommend renting out one of our executive vans. These vans provide ample room to spread out and work like you were in the office while our safe and professional drivers get you and your team where you need to go.

Executive vans can be a competitive alternative to flying when traveling medium distances—within 200-300 miles. This is especially true when considering the group cost of standard business travel. You will still feel like you are traveling in style in one of our vans but will gain the added benefit of not being on someone else’s schedule—as you would be if flying. Instead, you and your team can enjoy the freedom and privacy that you simply wouldn’t be able to have on a commercial airliner.

Reach out to us today to learn more about the accommodations and features found in our executive vans. We know that once you get a chance to travel with us, you won’t settle for anything less.

Call today to book your executive car service; we’ll deliver you to your destination in outstanding style.